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We offer a professional physiotherapy service for people of all ages in the Wide Bay and Fraser Coast regions. We strive to provide intuitive care to return clients to full capacity so that they can continue living life to their fullest potential. Well Done Physiotherapy is primarily a mobile physiotherapy service. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

We deliver individual treatment in a diverse variety of settings including gym-based sessions, hydrotherapy and home visits. We provide services for NDIS, DVA, Medicare and private patients. The aims of our rehabilitation is to increase independence and function to improve quality of life.

Treatment Session Options

Physiotherapy Services Provided

Treatment Sessions

We provide a diverse range of options for treatment sessions. After an initial consultation we can deliver sessions in a diverse range of environments. Session options include:

  • Home Visits

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Gym Sessions

Exercise Programs

Tailored exercise programs and streamlined rehabilitation plans can be developed as part of your consultation. Exercise programs are individually designed to provide the most relevant and effective exercise for the goals of the client.

Assessments and Reporting

For NDIS clients, comprehensive assessments and reports can be developed for the purposes requested. Reports are written by a skilled physiotherapist with experience in writing for the NDIS. Reports and assessments that can be developed are listed below.

Sessions May Include the Following

  • Manual Therapy for Symptom Management

  • Education and Advice on Rehabilitation

  • Structuring of a Treatment Plan

  • Gym or Pool Based Exercise

  • Introduction of Home Exercises

Exercise Program Types

  • Therapeutic Exercise Regimens

  • Gym Programs

  • Hydrotherapy Programs

  • Injury Rehabilitation Plans

Assessment and Report Types

  • Functional Capacity Assessments

  • Therapy Request and Recommendations

  • Applications for Assistive Technologies

  • Therapy Reports


Rehabilitation sessions can be provided on a regular basis for recovery from injury, maintenance of function and a number of other reasons. Rehabilitation is delivered through a multimodal approach to ensure that conditions are targeted with specific modalities relevant to the presentation.

Manual Therapy

With experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, soft tissue techniques can be utilised in session for symptomatic management and pain relief. Hands on therapy and alternative techniques such as dry needling are options for patients who are in need of pain management.


All clients are provided with education and information about their concerns and conditions during treatment sessions. Patients can expect their questions to be answered regarding any number of different queries ranging from recovery time to condition specific information.

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We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding the services available!